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The human body is designed to constantly repair itself, but as we grow older it becomes less efficient. The wear and tear of daily living, accidents and illnesses all take their toll on our bodies. Even those who remain active throughout their life can suffer from an assortment of annoying aches and pains.

A healthy diet, exercise and regular massage are important in maintaining and improving our energy, strength, flexibility and coordination. Research shows that massage increases circulation, calms the nervous system, and decreases muscle tension. Therapeutic Massage is increasingly prescribed by doctors worldwide for health and relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage Can:

Relieve pain from tight muscles
Improve health and mobility of joints
Improve posture and coordination
Relieve itchy dry skin
Enhance restful sleep
Improve circulation
Increase lymphatic flow
Strengthen the immune system
Remove toxins from the body
Decrease muscle spasm
Reduce stress
Reduce swelling from excess water retention
Speed healing from injuries or surgery
Ease breathing
Increase vitality, energy and mental alertness

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